Why Do a Men's Health Day

A Men's Health Day is a one stop screening and education day for men.  The purpose of a Men's Health Day is to increase awareness, education and screening for cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  These diseases have a large impact on men's health in native and other minority communities across the country.  Early detection and appropriate treatment can have a great impact on quality of life and survival.

In many minority communities, men do not obtain the routine preventative care they need.  They face barriers to accessing and affording health care.  They are also much more likely than their white counterparts to suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes.

The benefits of a Men's Health Day go beyond the number of screening tests conducted and increased understanding of what screening tests are and why do them.  The event also encourages participants to adopt healthy behaviors, establish routine care with their health care provider and improve health for the long run by preventing or better managing chronic disease.

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