Public and Semi-Public Swimming Pool License & Inspection Program

Services Provided In
Grant, Mercer, Morton, Oliver, and Sioux Counties
Emmons and Kidder Counties
Contact: Lana Schmidt, EHP
Cory Drevecky, EHP

  • Requirements for public and semi-public swimming pools and spas  All public and semi-public swimming pools and spas operating within the five counties of Custer Health must comply with these requirements. Custer Health also regulates pools and spas in Emmons and Kidder Counties.
  • Pool License Application
  • Float Systems (i.e. sensory deprivation tanks, float tanks, isolation tanks, or float pods) are regulated and licensed by Custer Health as a special use/therapy pool.
    Please view Custer Health's Floatation System Variance as a supplement to Custer Health's pool code (above) if you plan on installing and operating a float tank in Custer Health's jurisdiction.

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