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Believe it or not, kids still listen to their parents. In fact, kids usually listen to their parents more than anybody else, including their friends. Research has continually shown that kids rank their parents to have the most influence on their decision of whether or not to drink alcohol.

Through ongoing conversations, healthy role-modeling, monitoring, support and engagement, parents can reduce the likelihood that their child will drink alcohol underage.

Many of the factors that impact a child’s likelihood of initiating underage drinking also impact their likelihood of developing depression, anxiety or other behavioral health issues. Even with the primary focus of underage drinking, the principles of Parents Lead can support parents in preventing other behavioral health issues for their children as well.

Parents Lead encourages parents to:

  • Initiate and/or continue conversations with their children, especially about underage drinking
  • Role model positive and healthy behaviors
  • Monitor their children’s whereabouts
  • Provide ongoing support and engagement

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