Obtaining Funding and Endorsements

 How You Can Implement a Men's Health Day

The Men’s Health Day can be supported through a variety of sources.  First, local, state and tribal public health and cancer organizations may be interested in providing funds for the event.  Grant funding may be available from local, regional or national non-profit organizations and foundations.  The hosting medical facility may cover the cost of providers and lab tests.

Obtaining endorsements is another way to garner resources for the event.  Endorsements provide individuals and organizations an opportunity to lend their technical or financial resources in kind (meaning donated service rather than cash), as well as credibility or authority.

In tribal settings, endorsements and in-kind support may be sought from the following.

  • Tribal Chairman - May provide paid administrative leave for employees to attend event.
  • Tribal Council - May issue tribal proclamations to support the value and importance of participating in the event.
  • State or regional comprehensive cancer control programs - May provide technical assistance.
  • Local colleges and nursing programs - May provide preceptor students who assist with event planning, implementation and education stations.


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