Getting Started

 How You Can Implement a Men's Health Day

We suggest that you keep the following values in mind when you launch a Men’s Health Day program:

1.   Be visible 
Go to the community and inform them that you are attempting to start a Men’s Health Day program.  Ask for the community’s input on the design and implementation of the event and seek their participation and support.

2.   Talk to providers  
Reassure your partners that you have plans to sustain the program in the long term.  They do not want someone to initiate a program and then withdraw. 

3.   Have a plan 
Prepare a written plan that can be discussed when you talk to the community.

4.   Find a champion   
Enlist one or more “champions”, who may be providers or survivors, who will help promote the program.

5.   Communicate 
Keep your partners informed of meetings, plans and developments.  Also, make sure that everyone has a voice.

6.   Be patient
Expect that it will take some time to develop the partnerships and garner the resources needed to establish the program.

Once you have identified partners and secured their commitment to participate, your next step will be to convene a planning group, including the champions.  Issues that should be discussed immediately are:

  • What age men will you target?
  • What cancer screenings will be done with the physical exam?
  • What lab tests will be done?
  • What incentives will be offered for men to attend?
  • Will the clinic close to other patients that day?
  • How many providers will be available?
  • Who will schedule the appointments, and how?
  • Will education stations be offered at the Men's Health Day, and on what topics?
  • What system will be used to route men to education stations and exams?
  • What participant/event outcomes will you track and what evaluation process will you use?
  • How will participants be recruited?
  • How will follow up care be handled?
  • How many times will a Men’s Health Day be offered per year?

Based on discussion of these issures, you can develop your Men's Health Day play (see Designing the Day).  Include how the plan will be shared, promoted and endorsed within your community.


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