Forming Partnerships

How You Can Implement a Men's Health Day 

Forming strong organizational partnerships is key to the success of a Men’s Health Day program.  Recruiting partners, identifying a champion or champions and establishing “buy in” are where to begin. In addition, success is increased when each partner has a specific role that reflects their particular expertise and resources. 

Potential partners in tribal settings include:

  • Tribal health department - May provide linkage to community health representatives to promote event; provide educational services; transport participants.
  • Indian Health Service or Tribal Health facility - May provide physical space for the event and providers who conduct the physical exams; draw blood and process the lab work; provide colorectal screening (FOBT) kits and processing; follow up on abnormal results.
  • State, county and local public health programs - May facilitate the partnership; organize the men's health day; obtain funds to support staff coordination; provide participant incentives.
  • CDC-funded comprehensive cancer control programs - May provide technical assistance and funding support.
  • CDC-funded state breast and cervical cancer control program - May offer local model and experience conducting screening events.

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