Custer Health Utilizing Sharps Kiosk Beginning July 2

 MANDAN, ND—Custer Health will be offering an outdoor kiosk at its Mandan facility to allow for safe, 24/7/365 disposal of sharps and syringes. The container, notable for its red color and biohazard marking, will be usable beginning July 2, 2019. The container is located on the southwest side of the Custer Health building at 403 Burlington Street SE.

“This kiosk is not intended to be used in place of the Mandan Good Neighbor Project,” said Custer Health Director of Nursing Jodie Fetsch. “Enrolled clients will still need to bring their syringes in during the appropriate syringe exchange days. This kiosk provides a way for needles to be disposed of safely for anyone in the community.”

Individuals utilizing the kiosk are asked to place syringes in a hard-sided container, such as a detergent bottle, milk jug or pop bottle, with a taped lid, per recommendations from the biohazard waste company that will dispose of the container’s contents. Loose syringes or needles must not be placed into the kiosk.

The Mandan Good Neighbor Project, North Dakota’s first syringe exchange program, began providing services for clients in January 2018. The program is now a building block in the lives of nearly 200 clients, serving as a lifeline of disease prevention, harm reduction, education and referral for clients who are battling addiction of intravenous drugs. More information about the Mandan Good Neighbor Project is available online at