Child Health Screening



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Child Health Screenings are available to children from birth to 18 years of age.
Custer Health is unable to bill insurance for this service.  Payment is due at time of visit.

The Nurse Is There To Help
Bring your healthy children if you want to know more about your child’s health –

  * the way he/she is growing and developing;
  * if you want to know how well he/she can see 
    and hear;
  * if you want to know the kinds of food he/she 
    needs to grow strong and healthy;
  * if you want to know how to protect your child 
    from accidents;
  * if you have questions or concerns about
    your child’s behavior or child rearing problems.

Services Include:
- Health History
- Measurements: height, weight, and head
- Vital signs: pulse, respirations, and blood pressure.
- Physical Assessment
- Vision and Hearing
- Immunization – record review
- Counseling on:  Interpretation of Screenings, 
  Nutrition, Growth and Development,
  Safety and Child Behavior, and Dental Care
- Referral and Follow-up (if indicated)

Services Available for Additional Fee
- Fluoride Varnish
- Hemoglobin (finger stick)
- Developmental and Speech Screening
- Immunization--administration 
- Lead Screening