About Us

Custer Health provides the following services:

  1. Babysitters Classes
  2. BAMBBE Program (newborn home visits)
  3. Bicycle Helmet safety education
  4. Blood pressure checks
  5. Breastfeeding lactation counseling
  6. Car Seat Safety Program
  7. HIV, Hep C, STI testing
  8. Emergency Preparedness Services
  9. Environmental Health Services
  10. Flu Shots
  11. General Nursing Services
  12. Health Maintenance
  13. Health Tracks (this varies by county, please contact Custer Health to find out more)
  14. Home Health
  15. Immunizations
  16. School Health
  17. Tobacco Prevention
  18. WIC (women, Infants, &  Children) Program
  19. Women's Way Program

Custer Health's Mission Statement

Ensuring a healthy community through promotion, protection, and prevention.

Vision Statement

For a healthier way of life

Orientation Video for Student Nurses