Women's Way

Contact Information
Counties served are Grant, Mercer, Morton, Oliver, and Sioux
Becky Bailey, RN
Program Coordinator
Marcene Thvedt
Program Assistant


Women's Way Resource Fund

What is Women’s Way?

Women’s Way provides a way to pay for most breast and cervical cancer screenings and is available to eligible North Dakota women.

The program is made possible by funding from the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention.

What is available through Women’s Way?

Eligible women ages 40 through 64 can receive:
   • Mammograms   
   • Clinical Breast Exams    
   • Pap Tests           
   • Pelvic Exams
   • Patient Navigation

Limited services may be available for women ages 21 through 39.

 Who qualifies?

To take part in this program, certain income and insurance guidelines apply:

Women's Way 2018 Income Guidelines

Household Members Yearly Income Monthly Income
1 $24,280 $2,023
2 $32,920 $2,743
3 $41,560 $3,463
4 $50,200 $4,183
5 $58,840 $4,903
6 $67,480 $5,623
7 $76,120 $6,343
8 $82,640 $7,063

Each additional family member add $8,640 per year or $720 per month.

North Dakota Women's Way Program  Provides detailed information about the North Dakota Women's Way Program.